Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week

Join us in celebrating being a Drug Free Campus!  We invite you to participate with us in our spirit dress days October 25-29.  This year’s theme is Drug Free Looks Like Me™. 

MONDAY (Oct 25) – Wear red to kick off drug free week (jeans okay)

TUESDAY (Oct 26) – “Support Each Other To Be Drug Free” – Twin day (coordinate with a friend/peer and dress alike)

WEDNESDAY (Oct 27)- “Lei Off Drugs” Wear lei’s and Hawaiian clothing

THURSDAY (Oct 28)- “Peace Out To Drugs” – Wear tie dye shirts (jeans okay)

FRIDAY (Oct 29)- Dress up as your favorite Book Character.  Students must bring a book or cover page that goes along with the book character costume.

Costume restrictions (Costumes may not):
Be a horror-themed costume
Have a mask
Have blood or gore
Have a weapon of any kind (gun, sword, sceptre, pitchfork, trident, knife, bat, bow and arrow, stick, club, slingshot, axe, etc)
Have a hoodie
Have holey leggings or pants
Have open-toed or high heeled shoes (including platform styled)

Costumes requirements (Costumes must):
Be a storybook character
Have the book present during the parade
Be knee length or longer
May use light makeup
May have leggings underneath (without holes)
Have shoes

Thank you and we look forward to having you attend!