Chromebooks must be turned in during the last week of school. You must turn in your Chromebook with the power cord that was issued to your device. You may turn in your device during any of the 3 days, but if you can try to on your designated day that would be helpful.


 26th(early elementary K-2)

 27th(elementary 3-5),

 28th. (middle 6-8)


If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Hutchins

English Learners

Students will go to to login. they will enter their student number and their password. If they forgot their password click “Claim My Account(student)” fill out the info and then create a new password
2. Once logged in they need to click on google classroom.
3.When you are in Google Classroom you should see that the student has all of their classes. if they are not already enrolled, you’ll see an “accept” invitation to click.
4. Once students clicks on their class, it will take them into the classroom and then they can click on Classwork.  Then the assignments will appear.
5. Click on the assignment for the week and begin working on it.

We currently are seeking a Medical Assistant to join our campus!


To Apply Click the Link Below

Click Here for Job Description


Harmony’s robotics team, The Great Minds, traveled to compete in a competition that tests Robotic design, Robotic performance, Innovation project presentations and displayed a Core Values project over the weekend. We would like to congratulate The Great Minds for working so hard in the competition to represent our school. The judges praised the team for great documentation, creativity, and teamwork.  The team presented a project that will solve traffic flow issues, extended learning time and provide a more safe environment for students during after school dismissal. Mr. Van Zandt and Ms. Ashley coached the team throughout the competition and guided the team on a tour of the Innovative High School robotics lab at Lutheran High School in San Antonio, Texas. Way to go GREAT MINDS!



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